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Wednesday, 2 January 2013


During my years of practicing as a sangoma and a trainer,i have come across many peope who still suffer spiritual problems like ordinary persons even though they have undergone training and initiation.
I always discover when i do bone readings for them that the main cause of their problem is similar, that they have been initiated under foreign or secondary spirits before their family spirits or sometime some of them have not even yet been initiated under their parent spirits, but they are already gobelas!

It is so very useless and dangerous to undergo sangoma thwasa rituals invoking foreign spirits whilst yours are put aside. Some gobelas are so greedy they don't explain this to their clients.
first of all you must shop around for a Gobola who is qualified to train the type of spirit u posses before you decide.
Our spirits are grouped in the following mannar.if you are under the following tribes Mndebele,Zulu,Tsonga & Xhosa,you fall under Nguni ancestors.those are the spirits you will start with when twasa to be a sangoma.there is no way you will eat amagobongo for other tribes,you will eat mnguni gobongo but still it must be mixed according to the instructions from your ancestors through you or your gobela or even one of the family members.It doesnt mean because you are umnguni you must eat the same gobongo as another mnguni next to you.every family have their own prefered menu.
Bapedi and all tribes within, like for instance tlokwa,roka,barwa,lobedu etc,batswana,basotho, the spirits for this tribes we call them Basotho.the rituals are the same,amagobongos are not ecxactly the same,some ancestors will ask for amagobongo from natal(lepudlu/sethoto sese hubedi) some will ask for abulawu abumhlophe/xhosa gobongo(sethoto sese sweu),others will ask amagobongos with black intsisi(sethoto se seso).one thing in common is they all will sleep next to a goat during initiation,and their goat is slaughtered inside the water unlike Mnguni or mndawe initiation.

they have advantage of initiating under umnguni spirits because basothos believe their first ancestor was a Nguni.that is why most basotho sangomas are initiated under mnguni as their secondary spirit then followed by mandawe.and that is why you hear some sotho spirits asking for sethoto sa ko Natal or sethoto sese sweu/ubulawu obumhlophe in xhosa.

The dangers of initiating foreign spirits like abelozi and mandawe before your family spirit are:
bloated stomach, anxiety, panic attacks, spiritual attacks, swollen feet, head aches, feeling dizzy, short tempered,alcohol or substance abuse, bad luck,complextion darkens, victim of witches, misunerstandings,madness, blocked dreams and many more problems after another.

If you know your gobela did a mistake by initiating you a forein or secondary spirit before your parent spirit you can solve your problem in many ways.obvious it is of no use to confront him/her. The solution is to shop around and find the gobela who possess your parent spirit.Then start with your rituals according to the way of your people.first you need to phahla and ask your ancestors to give you a name of the ancestor who wants you to take over their healing work.if they were known to you, may be they passed away whilst you were already alive or may be your parents know them then it will be easy. Also ask for your family must know all your four surnames.The surmane of your grand mother:1.your mother's mother surname, 2.your mother's surname, 3. your father's mother, 4.your surname,you must include all these surnames when you phahla to invoke them.It doesnt mean because you may be are doing the work from ancestors of your father,then you dont acknowledge your ancetors from your mother's site.Treat them equally then you shall be a qualified gobela,they will all bring their blessings and talents.
It is very important to know your roots,know were you come from in order for you to know were you are going to.
You can't give room to outside persons before your family have enough room and are confortable will be war!